Curios stuff about Lotus

Elise Spider
Manuel de Naharro took a picture of my Elise and cut off the rollbar on the computer. This is the answer to the FAQ: How does the Elise look without the carrying handle.

Elise Speedster
This job must have been a lot more difficult than the first picture. Manuel cut the windscreen, created a Speedster cover behind the seats, totally different mirrors, bigger wheels etc.
Please take a look at Manuel´s homepage to see more pictures:

This is the original picture:
340R Sales brochure
This is a german translation of an english sales text for the 340R. The translation is bloodcurdling. As it doesn´t make sense to translate the translation back to english, this site is only available in german:
Exige Babyblue
In contrast to the Spider- and Speedster studys, this Exige in Babyblue exists in reality. Seen at the Lotus Meeting at the Hockenheimring 2001:
Carbon Elise
This Elise, on the basis of an 111S, is equipped with front and rear clamshell made of carbon fibre. Cost for these special clamshells is € 3.500,- each !!! The weight reduction is about 5,5kg each compared to the original parts.
They also saved a little weight with the missing paint job. Unfortunately the sills, doors and lids are not available in carbon fibre. They used black painted GRP parts, which doesn´t look very nice in combination with the carbon parts.
Here you find the Motorsport seats, removable steering wheel, fire extinguisher, etc. This Elise is powered by the VHPD Engine which is also used in the Exige and 340R.