Nuts and Bolts

Boot lid release cable
After several months of annoyance every time I opened the Engine cover, I decided to replace the release cable, which was very rusty. First I thought that we will have to take off the rear clamshell, but this wouldn´t have helped. The Service Manual says:"Access to the latch is available after removing the driver´s side rear wheelarch liner." Good idea, we thought, took off the driver´s side rear wheel and wheelarch liner - but no chance to take out the cable from this side, because the cable runs through the sill panel.
So we had to find a way to get "inside" the sill panel which is glued to the chassis and can´t be removed. The only chance was to take off the Fuel tank bay underneath the car and find somebody who´s hands were thin enough to bring a wrench all the way through the sill panel up the cable and loosen the nut which holds the latch and cable in place. This is not an easy task and there are no pictures at all, because you can hardly see what you are doing.

There is an easier way to change the cable if you don´t have such a massive audio system installed. Simply slide the drivers seat fully forward and take out the speaker and it´s mount at the drivers side. From here you can easily unsrew the nut for the cable. Thanks to Lutz Weinschenk ( for this tip.