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 1. stelvio is a place in italy, where

some testdrivers of lotus tested the

aluminium brake discs of the elise.

2. mr. tony churly is the organizer
of a trip around europe were you

need to have an elise to join. as far

as i know the trip was first organized

1999. the plans for stelvio 2000 are

almost finished and all the 45 cars

are already registered. but there is a

waiting list. i´m somewhere at the

bottom of this list. we will see if i get

a chance to join the group. the trip

starts somewhere near london, all

the way through france to the cote´d

azure, over passo stelvio, switzer-

land, germany (nürburgring) and

back to london. click here to see the

official stelvio2000 homepage.

click on the picture to get a larger

view and try to find a car which is

not an elise.

so far, no elise meetings arranged in

austria, but there will be some in the

near future. please tell me by email if

you own an elise in austria, germany

or somewhere close to vienna.