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Steven Moseley´s Site
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Site of the German Elise forum
The biggest Forum in german
Detlev Saat´s site
Very good web design
Homepage by Thomas Block
Informative site
Homepage von Frank & Annett
Michael Brehe´s site
Homepage der Seven IG
Ingo Albersmeier´s site
Wolfgang Zweygart´s site
Rudi Bacher´s site
Pictures, technical specs and links
Very nice conversion of a 111S
Homepage of the Swiss Elise-Trophy
Dani & Carmen's Homepage
Sebastian owns one of the last 111S
German Fan page  
Homepage of the Austrian Lotus Club
Very nice and flashy site
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Official Lotus Website
Very good site, but no updates
Elise Homepage from Rhys Williams
Site of the Sands Museum
The fantastic site of Rob Collingridge
Liam Crilly´s site DVAndrews/kengine.htm
Aaron Simon Francis site
How to tune the K yourself
Adrian Roseīs homepage
A boot full with a sound system
Marco Zamponi´s site from Italy
Jonathan Billīs homepage
English Elise forum
Lei Chat´s page with large VIN list
Paul Stephenson´s Homepage
Jonathan Prowse´s Homepage
Elise Sport 135 site
Nice pictures of his yellow Elise
Brian Martley´s Homepage
some electronic stuff for the Elise
Erik van Oosterhout's Homepage
Matt Daniel´s Elise Site
Matt Turner is racing the Elise
Yvo Tuk´s site with buyers guide
Simon Scuffham is racing the Elise
Tony Churly is the Stelvio organiser
LOTUS books
Simon Wadsworth´s Elise
very nice french Elise site
Homepage of the swiss Lotus Club
Lotus Elise Video (2 1/2 hours)
This is THE 340R page
Very nice pics of well organized trips  
comprehensive Information here
Matt Shelley ordered an Elise S2
German Dealers
Thielert is well known for their huge knowledge about the Elise
This is Thielert´s online shop. You´ll get everything you need for your Elise.
SPAX Doppler & Deimann
Elise Online-Shop
Elise Online-Shop
Where my Elise comes from
Elise Tuning
Tuning by Stefan Imhoff
Very good service and knowledge  
Swiss dealer
K-series engine tuning
English Dealers
Elise Parts & Tuning
Peter Smith Sports Cars
Elise Performance Engineering
British Dealer
Lotus at Lakeside Engineering
H.R. Owen  
Turbo Conversion for the K
Elise Tuning
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Fantastic little sportscar - Want one
Very nice pictures of the BMW M3
The best of british motoring