july 19th, 2005   Suspension Freshup
july 4th, 2005   pictures of my first ride with slicks at the Pannoniaring
may 16th, 2005   pictures of last weekends Internationales Lotustreffen in Bad Aussee
may 10th, 2005   first preview of the T-Cam for the Elise
aug 8th, 2004   pictures form SELOC Brunty or Bust and Bruntingthorpe Airfield Trackday
april 19th, 2003
  new pictures from todays ride in "Kalte Kuchl"
july 17th, 2002   A bunch of pictures of the 24h Race at the Nürburgring Nordschleife an June 1st and 2nd 2002
april 7th, 2002
  new pictures of the Mitsubishi Lancer
april 1st, 2002
  the first Austrian yellow Elise meeting @ Höllental
mar 23rd, 2002
  the first meeting in 2002, all pictures by Petr Hajek Wachauring 2002
sep 23rd, 2001   8 MB pictures of the Autobytel Lotus Championship and the Lotus Meeting.
sep 21st, 2001
  A bunch of pictures of Elise "Birthday" at 12.9.2001 @ Passo dello Stelvio. And some pictures of the Festival of Speed at the Wachauring, at last.
aug 4th, 2001
  Some pictures and a Video of a Lotus .
aug 3rd, 2001
  I have new again. 3 weeks ago, almost the whole system had to go (at last). Here you can see all the colors of the .
may 29th, 2001
  How to mount the covers.
may 26th, 2001
  Two Lotus Elise compete at the 24h on the Nordschleife. Here you find pictures and informations.
may 25th, 2001
  New stuff at "Nuts and Bolts". The had to be fixed. And there is some stuff about Lotus.
may 24th, 2001
  new pictures of a little drive in Salzburg and @ . Besides that you can take a look at the in VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language). You´ll need a VRML-Plugin like Cosmoplayer.
may 5th, 2001
  Here you find nice pictures of Elise .
may 5th, 2001
  A new Flash movie @ the main page, an Elise in Scandal Green @ and new pictures of todays Lotus Elise Spring-Run @ .
april 24th, 2001
Here you find a new little Video with the Neil Exhaust: .
april 21th, 2001   I replaced the front s with smoked ones.
april 20th, 2001
  This is how I mounted my for the Onboard .
april 18th, 2001   Here you find many pictures and a Video of the Lotus Meeting in Hockenheim on April 14th, 2001.
april 12th, 2001
  Here you can download the LOTUS- and the as vector based graphics.
april 10th, 2001
  Pictures from the Lotus Elise Meetings in Augsburg (Germany) and in Wachau (Austria)
april 1st, 2001
  The new Christopher Neil replaced the Janspeed. Here you can find a report and a Video ;-)
mar 19th, 2001   more pictures at the page + new logo @ the page (roof logo)
mar 8th, 2001   Another new for the Elise. It´s the Yokohama Advan Neova LTS.
mar 7th, 2001   detailed pictures of a front after a slight crash into a wall
mar 6th, 2001
  new pictures of the Spring&Damper kit
mar 6th, 2001   New , Corrections @ and , new pictures @ and new section
feb 27th, 2001   Thank you for your hits at . My Homepage is now Number 1 in the List of the Top Sites.
feb 27th, 2001   new pictures + the Motorsport Elise for your "son" @ + Elise Meeting in
feb 19th, 2001   I replaced the rear s with red ones + flash "About me" now in german too
feb 18th, 2001   added the page @ + some new pictures +
feb 17th, 2001   new Video + @
feb 17th, 2001   got some new @ the section + new picture @
feb 15th, 2001   added the page @
feb 12th, 2001   at last some pictures and information about me @
feb 11th, 2001   new flash intro
feb 10th, 2001   the new domain http://www.lotuselise.at is up and running
feb 9th, 2001   new page called with direct link to the best Lotus related sites on the web
feb 4th, 2001   added more pictures taken by Gerhard Witrisal @
feb 4th, 2001   another car in the section - it´s the Elise
feb 4th, 2001   added some pictures of a Sport 190 in the section
feb 2nd, 2001   at last the page is finished
feb 2nd, 2001   new for the Elise are here
feb 1st, 2001   I translated all pages to german - maybe not too interesting for you
jan 29th, 2001   added video @ the pages
jan 29th, 2001   added the original @
jan 26th, 2001   new Exige Logos for Nokia handys @
jan 18th, 2001   added the page @
jan 17th, 2001   added the , , and pages @
jan 16th, 2001   I did a little re-organisation of some buttons and pages today. Yellow buttons bring up a new navigation frame. For example , where you can find some other interesting Lotus models and other cars than the Elise. There´s no new content here, so far only and are finished. The button brings back the original navigation frame.
jan 14th, 2001   added the "Do it yourself"-section under - and there is a lot you can do yourself with an Elise. Here you will find the , and pages
jan 12th, 2001   added the Lotus page
jan 12th, 2001   the page is finished - at last - actually it´s kind of a diary
jan 12th, 2001   new nokia logos here
jan 4th, 2001   added some new (marked with NEW !)
jan 4th, 2001   added the page (only german), which is located at the page
dec 31st, 2k   added the page
dec 31st, 2k   new page - special thanks to arno karwath who´s links-page I used. please visit this site
dec 30th, 2k   the frames made it necessary to reduce the size of the icons and text, not too many people are using a resolution of 1280x1024 as I do
dec 30th, 2k   after some people experienced some problems downloading the elise video with netscape, I zipped the file which made it a little smaller and easier to download. find the video here:
dec 29th, 2k   added the page (only finished so far)
dec 29th, 2k   added another 4 pictures at the page (bottom)
dec 29th, 2k   finally figured out how to use frames ;)
dec 29th, 2k   added some new pictures of a in Austria
dec 25th, 2k   added some new pictures
dec 23th, 2k   added a  button on all pages - what a change...... ;)
dec 23th, 2k   added another Elise -> Elise MkII Morph from a real image
dec 20th, 2k   added the Elise -> Elise MkII Morph from a technical drawing
dec 19th, 2k   new logos at
dec 18th, 2k   changed server from server2000.at to
dec 16th, 2k   changed the from real media to Windows Media 8 format. it´s bigger but better quality
dec 15th, 2k   added the LOTUS page
dec 12th, 2k   added the LOTUS page
dec 10th, 2k   added the very very first picture of my elise
dec 10th, 2k   added pictures of my wrecked mazda miata
dec 10th, 2k   added a section
dec 10th, 2k   changed server from xoom -> server2000.at
april 6th, 2k   pictures with elise next to ferrari f355
march 3rd, 2k   new page - not beautiful but bigger
feb 11th, 2k   site added
feb 6th, 2k   picures site finished incl. movie
feb 5th, 2k   , , , sites
feb 4th, 2k   new design of first site
jan 22nd, 2k   installation + site
jan 7th, 2k   site
jan 5th, 2k   added new pictures after first ride w/o top
jan 3rd, 2k   added new pictures after technical revision
jan 2nd, 2k   added some pictures of my elise
dec 99   created the new elise site
jan 98   first homepage about nothing very interesting at xoom